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Realisation & controlling with WERTPROJEKT

Our know-how in the field of real estate investments and realisation is the basis for the success of WERTPROJEKT – know-how that we have been building on and intensifying for decades. We use this expertise to systematically and consistently guide you along the complex avenues of the construction business, up to your goal: your construction project. To this end, the smart interplay between knowledge, planning, and strategy is just as important for a successful project as an individually compatible economic concept. We at WERTPROJEKT are happy to keep our eyes on the big picture and to make the necessary decisions quickly and smoothly.

“We link the individual service components together up to the successful handing over of a property.”

Project preparation with WERTPROJEKT

With us, one hand
holds another

As early as the project preparation stage, the successful interplay among the various services is crucial for long-term success. That is why we at WERTPROJEKT reliably offer and coordinate our comprehensive services from one source. With our established methods, which we continue to develop over the years, we analyse, asses, and evaluate your property first. Then we compile an individual usage concept adjusted to suit your expectations and desires. In doing so we link the individual service components together up to the successful handing over of a property.

An overview of our services:

  • Definition of assignments
  • Ascertainment of all service requirements
  • Preparation of decision aids as a foundation for the selection of all parties involved in the project
  • Summary of the results
  • Entry into the portfolio
  • Location analysis
  • Base estimate analysis
  • Working out a planning concept
  • Integration of services of all parties involved in the project
  • Negotiations with the authorities
  • Assistance in acquiring loans
  • Acquisition of the outline building application


Securely guided through all phases
of your construction project

At WERTPROJEKT we have developed a special guidance system for construction projects. With this system we take over all management and supervision assignments during construction. These include the definition of objectives, planning and construction up to quality management, invoicing, and documentation. Our project guidance system not only ensures the perfect coordination of all of these activities, but it also serves to consistently implement project goals and quality criteria.

We at WERTPROJEKT offer the following services:

  • Processing the planning concept
  • Graphic illustration of the entire draft
  • Negotiations on permissibility
  • Analysis of alternative possibilities with cost assessment and optimisation
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Working out submittals for necessary permits / authorisation including applications for exemptions and releases
  • Submission of a building application
  • Accompanying the permit process
  • Support in acquiring consent from neighbours
  • Accompanying the building contractor to litigation and objection proceedings
  • Changes to the permit paperwork
  • Execution plans
  • Incorporating technical planning

The WERTPROJEKT design concept

Create a building that makes
people say “wow”

The outer appearance and conceptual design of a property are other important indicators of the property’s quality. That is why we at WERTPROJEKT have established the “Design in Construction and Overall Conception” department. This is were approved external consultants from the fields of design or interior architecture develop consultation quotes for your construction project with regard to design, architecture, and interior design. These renowned designers and planners compile a design and usage recommendation that allows you to make your investment property even more attractive. We are also happy to create models so that you can see what certain design concepts will look like.

WERTPROJEKT preparation for execution

Technical expertise at the
construction site – guaranteed

Need custom technical solutions for your construction project? We at WERTPROJEKT, in close cooperation with our partner companies, offer various solutions to this end. Our service providers work closely with appraisal committees and technical colleges so that consistently high quality in execution and adherence to technical regulations are always ensured.

All services at a glance:

  • Base estimates for service descriptions
  • Compilation of service descriptions with specifications
  • Coordination of service descriptions among all work crews
  • Compilation of cost overviews

WERTPROJEKT execution and monitoring

A finished property
one step at a time

We at WERTPROJEKT permanently incorporate all necessary business areas into the execution and monitoring of construction services, or we are always consulting them on specific matters. This special approach has proven itself useful throughout more than 35 years in the field of construction. This is because only the mutual interplay of all skill sets and a shared standard of knowledge can ensure a smooth building process – and thus, ultimately, the financial success that you want as an investor or building contractor.

At WERTPROJEKT we recommend letting our highly qualified service providers assess the condition of your property. Regular property visits at various times of day and year allow for the prompt ascertainment and removal of defects. Regular appraisal can also verify when damage or wear occurred, as well as who or what caused it.

Long-term damage prevention

Our experts document the exact maintenance requirements based on predetermined, stringent criteria. They compile the costs for any necessary work and accompany the assignment process upon request. Furthermore, they smoothly and objectively document the actual condition of your property. This lets you, the owner, always know exactly what condition your building substance is in and you are thus able to avoid any costly subsequent damages in the long term. You can decide for yourself how you would like to utilise the extensive know-how of WERTPROJEKT.

Our execution and monitoring services:

  • Definition of the target parameters
  • Quantitative and qualitative definition of the construction services
  • Assistance with financing
  • Selection of contract partners
  • Assessment of tender and completion
  • Success monitoring and supervision throughout the project
  • Project guidance
  • Organisation, coordination, information and documentation
  • Contract management
  • Quantity and quality supervision
  • Cost planning and monitoring
  • Deadline planning and monitoring
  • Compiling the list of warranty terms

Leasing with WERTPROJEKT

Leasing – the cornerstone of your project.

We recommend an early conceptual design of your property with regard to leasing. Construction processes, maintenance costs, and technical measures must always comply with the respective feasible rent.

This is not even done with most investments. Instead a project is constructed or developed that is ultimately attractive, but is not profitable. It is thus absolutely necessary that the issue of profitability is assessed by means of potential income in the phase leading up to planning, during execution, and especially with regard to the extent of the investment.

The market expertise required to implement good leasing conditions is often lacking. However, with our 35 years of activity on the market, we are aware of the requirements of interested tenants and make the supply-and-demand situation comprehensible for you. We provide you with all of the aids you will need to find the right tenants for your property. Addressing the leasing situation early on also gives you the opportunity to react promptly to changes in the market.

We offer the following leasing management services:

  • Definition of a leasing strategy (single properties – portfolio level)
  • Market and location analysis
  • Solvency assessment to acquire solvent and serious tenants
  • Selection of potential tenants
  • Negotiation and execution of rental contracts
  • Contract extensions and optimisations
  • Marketing measures

WERTPROJEKT project completion

It is all done.

A fundamental decision still has to be made upon completing the project: should the property remain in the property, or be sold? Decisions made in the initial stages will have to be overturned for financial or other reasons.

In the interests of the security of any given investment, at least examining this situation in both directions and calculating added or reduced investments is thus a matter of care. This will allow you to respond flexibly to changes in the market or even personal circumstances and decisions.

Once the development stage of the property is complete, the property’s complete documentation will be provided. The conceptual question is now: sale or lease? We investigate both to the same extent and thereby draft a dual usage concept for your own security.

Our experience acquired from a litany of successful projects is now available to you when making your decisions. You are able to refer to our many years of experience with regard to property/asset management and the active guidance of a sales process.

We tend to:

  • Assistance in the clearance of security services
  • Compilation of portfolio plans
  • Property monitoring and administration
  • Supervision of maintenance and care services
  • Visiting the site after relinquishment
  • Consultation and controlling for property/asset management
  • Real estate marketing